Leadership Team

County Line is a congregationally directed church. We have no hierarchy above our people, but every church needs leaders to help undergird and direct the decisions of the group. The leaders of organizations we have decided upon as a church are referred to as the Church Council.

Responsibilities of the Church Council

1. Study the challenges of the church.
2. Study needs, resources, and opportunities.
3. Formulate and recommend to the church suggested objectives and goals.
4. Develop and recommend action plans for reaching church goals.
5. Coordinate all suggested church program plans and actions.
6. Review and evaluate all program activities and achievements.
7. Report regularly to the church for approval of its plans and goals.

Our Church Council

Children's Committee Chair, Debbie Lloyd
Deacon Chair, Dennis Martin
Minister of Music, Barbara Satterwhite
Missions Committee Chair, Joyce Wilson
Pastor, David Williamson
Property Committee Chair, Stewart Trainham
Stewardship Committee Chair, Charlene Lewis
Sunday School Director, Judy Brooks

Please feel free to call on any of these for information you may be interested in.

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9 AM-2 PM

Contact Information

3461 Ladysmith Road
Ruther Glen, VA 22546

Phone: 804.448.2915
Fax: 804.448.2755