Who We Are

County Line members are a dedicated group of Christians who have been transformed by the power of God's love and Spirt. We endeavor to follow Christ our Lord in our daily living. Our vision is to build a community of faith. Our desire is to make disciples who faithfully walk in the power, character, and authority of Jesus Christ.


·      We are an inclusive church, welcoming all people who desire to know God better.

·      We believe God is able to convict the soul of sin, and renew the life of anyone, who by faith, places trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

·      We believe in proclaiming the Word of God as biblical truth.

·      We see every member, male and female, as having full ministry opportunities.

·      We desire to instill spiritual development in the family life of every believer.

·      We seek to offer a place where each believer can discover and practice individual spiritual gifts.

·      We endeavor to offer opportunities of ministry that all ages can participate.

·      We have an enjoyable and active senior citizens group.

·      We have an exciting and growing youth ministry that features fun activities, Bible study, and discussion groups that help teens tackle life's challenges.

·       We have a fun and excellent children's ministry, encouraging a love for God and a growing relationship with God.

·       We also have an outstanding music ministry that includes all ages.